Our department is one of the leading institutions in engineering education and renowned for its world-class researches. We offer a comprehensive curriculum, uniquely merging the core chemical engineering courses with the essences of materials science/engineering. Our diverse research and teaching interests include: Biochemical & biomedical engineering, catalysis & reactor design, thermodynamics (chemical, solid-state, fluid-phase equilibrium), colloid & interface science, electrochemistry, packaging of electronic materials, novel material synthesis, polymer science & engineering, and soft matter physics & materials.

Professor Emeritus
Dr. Hui ChenProfessor Office Phone: 34200 E-mail: huichen@cc.ncu.edu.tw Office: E234, E239 Lab: E234, E239 Education: Research Interests: Super hydrophobic film, Monodispersed microspheres, Molecular imprint polymers, Phase change material microcapsules
Research Background
Thesis Publications

1.Chang, K.-C.; Chen, Y.-K.; Chen, H., Fabrication of superhydrophobic silica-based surfaces with high transmittance by using polypropylene and tetraeyhoxysilane precursors. Journal of Applied Polymer Science 2008, 107, 1530–1538.

2.Chang, K.-C.; Chen, Y.-K.; Chen, H., Fabrication of highly transparent and superhydrophobic silica-based surface by TEOS/PPG hybrid with adjustment of the pH value. Surface and Coatings Technology 2008, 202, 3822-3831.

3.Lin, K.-h.; Lai, L.-j.; Chang, C.-C.; Chen, H., Assembly of microspheres with polymers by evaporating emulsion droplets. PHYSICAL REVIEW 2008, E 78, 041408

4.Cheng, S. L.; Wong, S. L.; Lu, S. W.; Chen, H., Large-area Co-silicide nanodot arrays produced by colloidal nanosphere lithography and thermal annealing. Ultramicroscopy 2008, 108, 1200– 1204.

5.Chang, K.-C.; Chen, H.; Huang, C.-K.; Huang, S.-I., Preparation of super-hydrophobic film with Fluorinated-copolymer. Journal of Applied Polymer Science 2007, 104, 1646–1653.

6.Chang, K.-C.; Chen, Y.-K.; Chen, H., Preparation of Superhydrophobic Silica-Based Films by Using Polyethylene glycol and Tetraethoxysilane. Journal of Applied Polymer Science 2007, 105, 1503–1510.

7.Cheng, S. W.; Lu, S. L.; Wong, C. C.; Chen, H., Fabrication of 2D ordered arrays of cobalt silicide nanodots on (0 0 1)Si substrates. Journal of Crystal Growth 2007, 300, 473–477.

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9.Chang, F.-M.; Sheng, Y.-J.; Chen, H.; Tsao, H.-K., From superhydrophobic to superhydrophilic surfaces tuned by surfactant solutions. Applied Physics Letters 2007, 91,094108.

Research project