Our department is one of the leading institutions in engineering education and renowned for its world-class researches. We offer a comprehensive curriculum, uniquely merging the core chemical engineering courses with the essences of materials science/engineering. Our diverse research and teaching interests include: Biochemical & biomedical engineering, catalysis & reactor design, thermodynamics (chemical, solid-state, fluid-phase equilibrium), colloid & interface science, electrochemistry, packaging of electronic materials, novel material synthesis, polymer science & engineering, and soft matter physics & materials.

Dr. Cheng-Tung ChouProfessor Office Phone: +886-3-4227151#34218 E-mail: t310030@ncu.edu.tw Office: E341, E303 Lab: E341, E303 Education: Research Interests: Pressure swing adsorption, Computational modeling, Heat and mass transfer, Fluid mechanics
Research Background

Thesis Publications
1. Wang, C.F., S.F. Chiou, F.H. Ko, C.T. Chou, H.C. Lin, C.F. Huang, and F.C. Chang, "Fabrication of Biomimetic Super-Amphiphobic Surfaces Through Plasma Modification of Benzoxazine Films", Macromolecular Rapid Communications, Vol. 37, pp. 333-337 (2006).
2. Huang, W.J., C.Y. Chen, and C.T. Chou, "Concentration and Recovery of SO2 from Flue Gas by Pressure Swing Adsorption", Journal of the Chinese Institute of Chemical Engineers, Vol. 37, No. 2, pp. 149-157 (2006).
3. Chou, C.T., and C.Y. Chen, "Carbon Dioxide Recovery by Vacuum Swing Adsorption", Separation and Purification Technology, Vol. 39, No. 1-2, pp. 51-65 OCT (2004).
4. Huang, W.C., and C.T. Chou, "Comparison of Radial- and Axial-Flow Rapid Pressure Swing Adsorption Processes", Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, Vol. 42, No. 9, pp. 1998-2006 (2003).

Research project